She dreams

In 2013, the Chinese President Xi called for a ‘China Dream’, a national drive for ambition to answer the ‘American Dream’. This ‘China Dream’ encourages young people to “work assiduously to fulfil the dreams and contribute to the revitalisation of the nation”.

Photographer Yan Wang Preston moved from Shanghai to the UK in 2005. Reflecting on her own experience as a young woman coming to the UK, Yan worked with a group of local students from China. They are a new, future-facing generation, with a newfound sense of individualism and global citizenship, not just restricted to China.

Throughout the project, Yan asked the students to reflect on their personal daydreams, as opposing to what their ‘national’ ambition might be. A sense of these daydreams was then projected into the portraits, which were produced entirely on the section of Crosby Beach littered with sea-polished war relics. The resulting photographs form the series titled as She Dreams.

She Dreams is part of ‘China Dream’, a 9-month arts season celebrating Chinese contemporary art and culture, in partnership with University of Liverpool. It is presented by Open Eye Gallery, in partnership with Culture Liverpool.