Winter – Seed Capsules

All the seed capsules collected from one rhododendron shrub during the winter of 2020, arranged on a bed of snow and then burnt.

Shedden Clough Limestone Hushings, Worsthorne Moor

The South Pennines, England, UK



Winter-Seed Capsules is a set of 11 sequential prints, each measure at 75cm (H) * 60cm (W), which is the life size reproduction of the seed capsules themselves.

For exhibitions, the photographs are produced as:

A set of Duratrans lightboxes (as shown in the image above) measured at 79cm (H) * 64cm (W) * 7.3cm (D), freestanding or wall mounted.

Or, a set of framed archival Inkjet prints on rice paper. Wall mounted.

This video shows the 11 photographs in sequence and their exhibition installations. Best to watch in full screen mode.