Spring Summer – Flowers

All the fading flowers collected from one rhododendron shrub during the spring and summer of 2021, apart from the ones lost to the birds, wind, and river.

Shedden Clough Limestone Hushings, Worsthorne Moor

The South Pennines, England, UK




Spring Summer-Flowers is produced as a double-layer tension fabric lightbox.

The freestanding unit contains two archival fabric prints at 167cm*78cm; one print is installed above the other slightly to give a subtle shadowing effect.

The prints are life size of the flowers and at the same height to the artist.

The lightbox itself is completed with a brown oak frame at the size of 173cm*83cm*8.5cm.

It is difficult to appreciate the subtlety and effect of the piece without being immersed within its radiance. This video attempts to give some visual indication of its rich details. Best to watch on full screen.