Yan Wang Preston: With Love opens at Messums London

On Tuesday 31st May 2022, Yan's first solo exhibition in London, 'Yan Wang Preston: With Love', opened at Messums London. The exhibition features work from Yan's acclaimed series: 'Mother River' and 'Forest'. It also includes new work from 'With Love. From an Invader.' and 'Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer'. For the later two series, it is the first time for the public to view the prints. It's a fully packed day, starting with an institutional tour in the morning, followed by a collector's tour in the afternoon, and then a preview party in the evening. It was delightful to see how well the exhibition was received, for its conceptual consistency, openness of space, and the intimacy provided by the unglazed prints. The exhibition runs until the 1st July 2022. To see the online viewing room, click this link