With Love. From an Invader. at RBGE

Yan Wang Preston's four-panel visual-audio installation 'With Love. From an Invader.' opens at the John Hope Gateway, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, on the 14th May 2022. To quote from EBGE: 

'This UK première of With Love. From an Invader. at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh features Preston’s collected time-lapse of 182 photographs; a macro examination of a single flower; infrared footage of animals within the rhododendron habitat; ‘action camera’ investigations through a maze of trunks and branches; and a soundscape created with Monty Adkins, composer, performer, and Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield.

With Love. From an Invader. is supported by the University of Huddersfield. This presentation is supported by Players of People’s Postcode Lottery and is an Edinburgh Art Festival 2022 partner exhibition.'

The exhibition runs until the 28 August 2022.