'The Climate Emergency in 50 Rounds' Online Seminar

Yan will be discussing her work Mother River and Yuan in 'The Climate Emergency in 50 Rounds' Online Seminar, as part of the Fotobokfestival Oslo 2020 programme on the 17 Oct 2020, 13-18 CET. To register, click here:

Details are as follows:

The artists included represent a cross-section from 'The Climate Emergency in 50 Rounds' — their research is carried out in ecosystems across the planet. They make photographs and photo books through a diverse set of means — from camera-less process to lens-based photography. Whether in pursuit of a deeper engagement with nature, evidence, or radical methods to confront those responsible for the climate emergency, all of these artists are joining forces for the purpose of public knowledge. The end goal is a survivable planet — these projects offer clues on how to get there.

You are invited to join us for as many sessions as you would like. Each session will run 45-50 minutes. We will start each session with a short introductory video to get you acquainted with the artist. There will then be a discussion between each artist and photography writer, Taco Hidde Bakker. After this there will be an open discussion with the audience. Many artists will also present behind-the-scenes footage and other short works of video art — not to be missed!

SCHEDULE (all times in CET)

October 17th
Małgorzata Stankiewicz — Poland. 13-14
Lena Dobrowolska & Teo-Ormond-Skeaping — UK. 14-15
Ignacio Acosta — Chile. 15-16
Yan Wang Preston — China. 16-17
Minny Lee — South Korea / Hawaii. 17-18