'Mother River' featured in PhotoResearcher.

'Mother River' is featured in the freshly-published PhotoResearcher Journal (No 32-2019) with a special theme 'Poisoned Pictures'. In the journal, Professor Liz Wells' essay 'Critical Environments and Photographic Investigations' discusses 'Mother River' among other practitioners including Edward Burtynsky, Jem Southam, Richard Misrach, Christel Lebas, John Ganis, Andreas Muller-Pohle and Munem Wasif. She writes:'Documentary images acquire authority through both the indexical character of photography and the authority that we ascribe to the photographer as investigator and witness. Evidence of a systematic approach to research through photographing contributes to underpinning credibility. Yan Wang Preston's investigation of the Yangtze River took form of 63 photographs made at points on the riverbank 100km distant from one another, from the source in the Tibetan mountains to the estuary East of Shanghai. The series thus methodically documents changes in climate, culture, economic activity and the river width along its 6,211 kilometers from source to river mouth...' The whole essay and the Journal are fasinating to read.