269 backers, £21,783 raised!

My dear friends and backers, 

Let's celebrate the success of 'Mother River' photobook Kickstarter campaign! After 30 exciting days, we have gathered 269 backers, reached 145% of the original goal and raised £21,783! When I first set off to the Yangtze River in 2010, I never quite realised the richness of this journey. Today, 'Mother River' is supported by backers from the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Holland, Egypt, Sweden, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Singapore, Hungary, Russia and mainland China. The campaign has definitely been a process of empowerment. I am further convinced about the value of Mother River, and the value of collective power. This is exactly where art lies. 

This week I'm finalising the design for the book. Over the summer I'll also start making the postcard books and the prints. I look forward to sending them to you later this year. 

Meanwhile, I wish you all a fantastic summer. 

With a lot of love.