Part I: Publications In English and other non-Chinese languages:

Printed Media :

Monographs and solo exhibition catalogues:

Preston, Yan Wang, Mother River (Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2018. ISBN: 978-3-7757-4447-8 (EN) )

Preston, Yan Wang, Forest (Berlin: Hatje Cantz, 2018. ISBN: 978-3-7757-4375-4 (EN))

Preston, Yan Wang, The Yangtze Hotel (self-published artist book)

Preston, Yan Wang, Mother River (English & Chinese. Shanghai, 2015). Published as the catalogue for the Mother River touring exhibition in China as part of the 2015 U.K.-China Year of Cultural Exchange programme. 


Group exhibition catalogues and anthologies (selection):

GETXOPHOTO (compile), Transitions,  (Getxo: GETXOPHOTO International Image Festival, 2017)

Dubai Photo Exhibition, HIPA, UAE, 2016

Wells, L (ed), Flow: time, movement, change, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Chongqing & 501 Xu Space, Chongqing, 2014; Jia Ling Jiang Gallery, Nanchong City, China, 2015 (in English & Chinese)

The Swatch Ltd (compile), Faces & Traces, Shanghai, 2014

Takvam, M and Treharne, F, (ed), Renaissance Photography Prize 2013 (London: The Renaissance Photography Prize, 2013)

Melis, W (curator), Noorderlicht: terra cognita, (Groningen: Stichting Aurora Borealis, 2012) 


Journals essays featuring Preston’s portfolio, text and interviews (selection):

Gull og gronne skoger, in D2, June 2018 (Norway)

CHINAS BÄUME IM BETON , in fotoMAGAZIN, June 2018 (Germany)

Nature and Nurture, in RPS JOURNAL, June 2018 (UK)

Mother River, in Tjejland III, September 2017 (Sweden)

Zhang, I, Cities of Exchange, in British Journal of Photography, April 2017 (UK)

Twigg, M, Root Cause in Post Magazine, 12 March 2017 (Hongkong)

Mother River, in Source: The Photographic Review, Winter 2016 (Ireland)

China’s Disappearing Trees, in Rakesprogres, #3 (UK)

Mother River – A Photographic Journey down the Yangtse (2010-2014), in The PRS: Contemporary Photography, Number 64 Summer 2016 (UK)

Source to Sea: Yan Preston, in The RPS Journal, May 2015 (UK)


Critiques, essays and reviews on Preston’s work (selection):   

Zimmermann, D, Yan Wang Preston Forest, in PHOTONEWS, July-August 2018 (Germany. book review.)

Brauchitsh, Boris von, My Friend, the Tree, in European Photography, June 2018 (Germany. book review)

Bate, David, The Geocultural Image, published in the exhibition catalogue Mother River, 2015

Mason, Roger, A Response to Mother River, published in the exhibition catalogue Mother River, 2015


Newspapers (selection):

Andreasson, K, Yan Wang Preston’s best photograph: a Chinese village’s ancient tree – sold for $25,000, published in The Guardian, 9 March 2017

Tipton, G, Mother River’: photographs of life along China’s Yangtze- Yan Wang Preston’s exhibition captures sweeping landscapes of third longest river, published in The Irish Times, 26 January 2017


Online Media (Selection):

Mapping China's frontline: the Yangtze at 100km intervals - a photo essay, on the Guardian, 26 June 2018 

Warnter, M, Into the Forest with Yan Wang Preston, on British Journal of Photography, 4 June 2018

D’Aliesio, S, Exhibition: Mother River by Yan Wang Preston, on British Journal of Photography, 27 March 2017 

Smyth, D, Yan Wang Preston wins the Syngenta Photography Award, on British Journal of Photography, 9 March, 2017 

Jansen, C, These Revealing Images Capture the Plight of China’s Environment, on Artsy Editorial, 3 January 2017 

Mother River Portfolio on Photomonitor, September 2016 

Mother River: 6,200 Kilometres From Source to Mouth of the Yangtze, Video Interview by Lensculture, 2016 

Beesley, R, Swatch Faces 2015, Venice Biennale, on Aesthetica Magazine, 27 May 2015 

Oxley, Matthew, Yan Preston’s Mother River, on World Photography Organisation’s Blog, 12 May 2016 

Griffiths, Alyn, Capturing the majesty of the Yangtze River, 100 km at a time, on CNN Style, 28 March 2016 



CCTV News, Crossover: China Through the Lens, 24 September 2016

Sky News Arabia: معرض دبي للصورة يقدم أعمالا فنية لمصورين عالمي 17 March 2016


Part II: Publication in Chinese:

Printed media:

Chinese group exhibition catalogues and anthologies (selection):

The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (compile), Ten Directions: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of The Three Shadows Photography Award (Hangzhou: Zhejiang Photography Publisher, 2018)  三影堂摄影艺术中心编著,十方 -三影堂摄影奖十周年  (杭州:浙江摄影出版社,2018)

The Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (compile), Immeasurable: The 2016 Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition (Hangzhou: Zhejiang Photography Publisher, 2016) 三影堂摄影艺术中心编著,无量 -016年度三影堂奖作品展  (杭州:浙江摄影出版社,2016) ISBN: 978-7-5514-1388-6

Duan, Yuting, Expanded Geographies: 2015 Lianzhoufoto (Beijing: China Nationality Art Photograph Publishing House, 2015)  段,毓婷,扩张的地域:2015年连州国际摄影节展 (北京:中国民族摄影艺术出版社,2015)ISBN: 978-7-5122-0762-2

He, Yining, Photography in the British Classroom (Beijing: China Nationality Art Photograph Publishing House, 2015)  何,伊宁,英国摄影教室 (北京:中国民族摄影艺术出版社,2015)ISBN: 9787512208094


Chinese Journals (selection):

Preston Yan: Mother River, in PhotoWorld Magazine, July 2016 王岩:沿江走四年”, 摄影世界,2016年7月刊 ISSN: 1002-6770

Tong, Jiaxi (interviewer), Yan Wang Preston (image), Pinpointing across Ten Thousand Li, Tracing the Yangtze Source, in Life Magazine, June 2016 佟佳熹(文),王岩 (图), 万里定点,溯源长江, 生活月刊,2016年6月号  ISSN: 1005-0493

Mother River, in Chinese Photography Magazine, November 2015 王岩(图文),母亲河, 中国摄影杂志,2015年11月 ISSN: 0529-6420

Feng, Jingyi (text), Yan Wang Preston (image), Sixty-Three Dates with the Yangtze River, in Modern Weekly, 10 October 2015,issue no 877 冯婧怡(文),王岩(图),母亲河:和长江的63次约会,周末画报,2015年10月10日,第877期

Yan Wang Preston (image & text ), Mother River in Caixin Weekly – China Economics & Finance, issue 670, September 2015  王岩(文图), 母亲河, 财新周刊,总670期,2015年9月刊 ISSN: 9771002395098

Zhou Qian (text), Yan Wang Preston (image), The River Goes That Way, That is the East,   in better, issue 8, August 2015 周倩(文),王岩(图),”江往哪边流,哪边便是东”, 优良,第八期,2015年8月 ISSN: 1671-1297

He, Yining, Walking and Mapping: the Physical Experience of Contemporary Photography, in Art World 298, July 2015  何,伊宁,当代摄影的行为体验,艺术世界298, 2015年7月 ISSN: 1005-7722